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DIY Fall Decorating

Fall is one of my favorite seasons! It’s the time of year when farmers are harvesting their fields, when Starbucks starts selling it’s pumpkin spice latte, and when fall foliage comes out to play.

When I decorate for fall, I love incorporating natural fall icons inside and out. Read below for ideas of how to create fall decorations for your own home.


Grace + Gumption - DIY Fall Mantel Decorating

I made this DIY bunting banner a few years ago using burlap, twine, and a permanent marker for the print (tutorial coming soon). However, this year I added a few a pop of color and texture by tying miniature indian corn in between each flag. I think it adds so much to the look. Don’t you think!?Grace + Gumption - DIY Fall Mantel Decorating

Grace + Gumption - DIY Fall Mantel Decorating

To take our mantel decor from summer to fall, I spread out several of these DIY acorns to give it some fall flair. Although they are small in size, they are mighty in impact. Grace + Gumption - DIY Fall Mantel Decorating DSC_0206

Aren’t they so cute?! Using just leftover plastic eggs from Easter, burlap, and pinecone clippings, these acorns are very cheap to make yourself. Although I made these myself, I can’t take credit for the idea. I first saw them over at Life is a Party where Dannyelle walks through step-by-step how to make these DIY burlap acorns. I followed her instructions exactlyGrace + Gumption - DIY Burlap Acorns

My husband farms for a local seed company. So he always has access to one of natures best fall decorations…corn stocks! We gave our front yard a little curb appeal by tying a bundle of corn stocks around our mail box. Grace + Gumption - DIY Fall DecoratingOf course the look wouldn’t be complete without pumpkins at the base! 
Grace + Gumption - DIY Fall Decorating

If there could be a fall icon that I loved more than pumpkins and corn stocks, it would be mums! I love how mums can add color to any fall scene. Display your mums on your front porch in a creative way by using a pumpkin as a flower pot!
Grace + Gumption - DIY Fall Decorating

That’s how we do fall at our house. How do you do it at yours?


Modern Farmhouse Living Room Plans

Modern Farmhouse Living Room by Grace + Gumption

Our living room had been in need of a major overhaul. Knowing that I really wanted a serene, farmhouse feel in the room, I took some time to create a project list and an inspiration board. So far, I have made a good dent in the list of projects and I can’t wait to finish the rest.  Below is my complete, living room to-do list for and my progress.

Modern Farmhouse Living Room – Project List

Grace + Gumption Living Room CheckList

1. New Paint – Check!Silver Strand Sherwin Williams

The wall color in our living room was a taupe color when we first moved into the house.  Although I love neutrals, it made the room look dark and bland. I was ready for a change. I sampled several blue and green hued colors until I found the right one! For a complete list of all my trial colors and the color I ultimately chose, check out my post here.

2. Shiplap Wall – Check!

A new paint color just wasn’t enough for the room to be transformed into the farmhouse look I was going for. It needed an accent wall and a shiplap wall was just the ticket! See the simple 10 step tutorial on how I created this plank wall here.

Grace + Gumption Shiplap Wall

3. Photo Gallery – Check!

Once, the shiplap wall was complete, it did not stay bare for long! I quickly added gallery frames to dress it up. Post coming soon, teaching you how to hang a gallery wall of your own.

Grace + Gumption Shiplap Wall

4. Fireplace Makeover – Coming Soon!

Our current fireplace really has potential, it just needs a little update. Although it has that country feel, it’s a little too country! Currently, our fireplace is floor to ceiling brick and the mantel is a rustic wood beam, makes it look like it belongs in an old 70’s lodge. Although the lodge look is trending again, it only works in moderation. Meaning, it’s okay to have a brick hearth or a wood beam mantel but not when paired together. So instead of completely demolishing the entire fireplace and starting over, I’m planning to keep the floor to ceiling brick and just update the mantel to give the fireplace a more modern update without losing the rustic feel. I plan to add white trim and casing around the fireplace with a crown molding mantel to give this fireplace just what it needs to make it a perfect marriage of country and modern. Not to mention the white casing is also the perfect way to brighten up the dark brick.

Layla, over at theletteredcottage.net, had a fireplace very similar to mine and wrote an amazing post about her fireplace update in her home. 

5. Custom Curtains – Coming Soon!

Drapes are perfect for making windows look larger and your ceiling look taller. They can also dress up a room. Our windows in the living room are boring and bare but I just haven’t found the perfect pattern of curtain in stores or online. I did find however, the perfect pattern of fabric and plan to sew the drapes myself! Although I usually only go for the cheapest options, I am willing to splurge for this pattern below! Can you blame me?GraceGumption Curtains

SourceCourtyard, Oyster fabric from tonicliving.com.

6. Window Trim – Coming Soon!

One of my favorite features of an old farmhouse home is the windows. Farmhouse windows are oversized, plentiful, and have thick, white trim all the way around. This window from Caitlin Creer Interiors is my dream. My house however, has completely bare windows. NO TRIM! My nightmare. 🙁f64e2b7af317ca3e97c7f3ddf90c5c90

Bare windows, without any trim, has become more of a modern day design – not what I’m going for. Thankfully, adding trim to a window is an easy task and something I plan to do soon!

7. Reupholster Accent Chair – Coming Soon!

I want to put an accent chair in the corner of our living room but they are so expensive. For example, this chair from Target is almost $600! Instead of spending a pretty penny on one of these beautiful chairs, I’m going to reupholster one myself. I recently purchased a chair off of craigslist for just $25 and will be purchasing the fabric soon! 16260498

8. Update Decor – Coming Soon!

I’m still loving the pouf trend right now! They are an easy way to add extra color or easy casual seating. So I envision adding a pouf or two to the room, like this one from target, along with a few other country touches such as this bouquet of cotton stems from the Magnolia Market.
Grace + Gumption Pouf     cotton-stem-4

Can’t wait to get all of these plans checked off on my list! Stay tuned for more updates to come.

Have a blessed day!