How-to Pick the Perfect Paint Color


Whether you’ve just moved into a new home or are looking to update your current one, a fresh coat of paint is often the cheapest and most effective way to improve your space. However, picking a paint color can quickly become an overwhelming and frustrating task. Not only is there more than 50 shades of gray (blue, purple, red, and yellow) to choose from, you still have to be able to determine which shade will look best in your space.

When picking out a paint color, it’s good to keep in mind that it’s shade or tone can look completely different in your home than it does under the florescent lighting of the store. So unless the color is white, purchasing a gallon of paint before testing the color in your home could result in a very unhappy homeowner. In order to pick the perfect paint color for your space the first time, I recommend trying one or all three of the following techniques:

          • Paint swatches are your friend. Bring home several different color swatches (even more than what you think you like) and view them in the room you want to paint. This will allow you to see which shades and tones look best in the lighting of your room. You’ll be instantly surprised at how the color the changes when put in different spaces.


          • Visualize it virtually. For those who have a harder time envisioning a color in a room with just a small paint swatch, I would recommend using an online virtual tool to aid your selection of a paint color. Thanks to todays technology, visualizing a color on your walls is a easy as uploading a photo. One of my favorites is Sherwin-Williams’ Color Visualizer tool, plus they have every color you can imagine under the sun. (Oh, and just as a secret between you and me – most Menards can mix Sherwin-Williams’ colors straight from their system. Just select a color and a Menards paint (I recommend Dutch Boy) and they do the rest. Best bang for your buck.)

Sherwin-Williams Visualizer

              • Try before you buy. The safest way to ensure you achieve color perfection is to purchase a few (or five) samples of the colors you are really considering and testing them out in sections on your wall. Many stores such as Menards offer their paint in sample sizes for a around $3 a piece. Trust me, the couple buck investment will is a lot cheaper than buying the full gallon only to realize that the color just isn’t working out.


I hope these tips help you find the perfect paint color for you and your room. Comment below if you have any questions.

Krista Elaine

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