New Engineered Hardwood Floors – The Reveal!

IMG_4255When we moved into our house, it was evident that the entire house needed new floors. I envisioned dark hardwood flowing through our dining room and on into the kitchen. But as you know, hardwood floor is not cheap. So I knew I would need to find an inexpensive option that would not only satisfy my style taste but could also withstand the usual wear and tear of the average growing family.

I turned to my favorite bloggers for ideas on where to buy hardwood for cheap. Sure enough, I wasn’t disappointed. One of my favorite bloggers over at Jenna Sue Design, had filled the first floor of her Florida home with hardwood from HomeDirect for a little over $2 a square foot. This definitely caught my attention so I decided to check them out.

I instantly fell in love with BuildDirect’s handscraped, mixed width engineered hardwood in American walnutBuild Direct American Walnut


Build Direct

Look at how pretty it is!!

Unfortunately this floor is over $5 a yard and way over my budget, so I kept looking for a similar but cheaper option. That’s when I came across their blended width, chiseled engineered hardwood in hickory, priced around $3 per sq ft – much better price! At that price, I was instantly concerned about the quality. There hadn’t been any reviews yet of the product, so I ordered a sample that BuildDirect sent to my house for free to check it out for myself. I went ahead and also ordered a free sample of the handscraped floor above just to use as a comparison of quality, along with a few other items I liked from their site.

Build Direct

When the samples arrived, I could see and feel a big difference in the thickness and quality of the two different engineered woods. (Walnut on the left and Hickory on the right.)

Grace + Gumption


Now the question became, was this enough of a difference for the cheaper wood to not be a good option for us? That’s when I turned to a professional for advice. To save time, I decided to hire a contractor to install the floor. (Although, I usually take these types of projects on myself, this was one project I just didn’t have time for.) So I had my contractor come over to the house to give his opinion on the floor. For what we needed, he felt the cheaper engineered would be just fine for us. He even performed a key test on both samples to test the hardness of the finish and each gave similar, satisfactory results. That was enough for me. Hickory it is!

For 16 boxes (472.48 sq ft) at $2.99/sq ft, our total came out to be $1,412.72 for two rooms of wide plank, engineered hardwood. What a great deal!

Since we were coming in under budget on the floors, I decided to upgrade to a taller baseboard too. 🙂 I went with a 7′ 1/4″ tall, primed baseboards from BuildDirect (can’t find this tall at Lowes or The Home Depot). For 4 bundles (128 lineal ft to cover the entire first floor of the house) at $1.39/lineal ft, we paid $177.92 for the baseboards.

The only downfall to shopping at BuildDirect is that the shipping is pricey. But their low product prices and wide selection made it worth it. The products came in just a few weeks after ordering. See below for how the baseboards and floor boards arrived via Fedex Freight.


Then, onto the installation….

IMG_3855It took our one man contractor about three full days to install the floor and the baseboards throughout the entire first floor of the house. 

and finally…the reveal!

DSC_0228 DSC_0232 DSC_0243 DSC_0250

I love the variation of widths and lengths!

Dining Room Before:


Dining Room After:


I hope you like it!




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