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  1. Jodie

    You did a great job on the flooring! I’ve been pondering using this exact grout able peel-and-stick tile in a hall bath. It’s not a large space though. Two questions: (1) think this pattern will look ok in small space (room is 72″ x 58″)? ; (2) the existing flooring is a real tile but I hate the color (looks very builder grade)….do you think if I use extra adhesive I would be ok to apply over existing tile? Thanks in advance for your feedback!

    1. Krista Elaine Post author

      Hi Jodie,

      Thanks for your comment! Glad you liked the post. To answer your question, I think this pattern and size of tile works best in small spaces actually! So yes, I think it would look great in your small space. I also think you definitely can install over your existing tile. As long as your existing surface is level (which is typically the problem with installing over tile), then it should work fine. Would love to see your final result if you decide to go for it. 🙂


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